Best place for tatt removal thx Hometown J.P August 2016

Electrolysis, I was in dough, but after a few session my hair is gone thx Bruno  H.D Oct 2016

I have never felt so comfortable in a Spa. Love this place don’t change anything. Milena

My mani and pedi was the best I’ve had  in years .There is no chance of getting infected they have a different way thx hometown .will be back !!! nov 2016 Dara

Had laser at many places this place I see results, the place is beautiful, clean and organized. They really make you feel at home .Jenifer Macintyre 2016

My electrolyses session are a lot better than were, I been before. Really starting to see great results. Bruno is great and time in my session’s fly’s .Marisa h

Best deal and results for teeth whitening, I ‘am hooked .the place is gorgeous, and the service is next to none .Brad Silvering

Had cellulite on the back of my legs, the session were a breeze and the price was right …thx hometown spa….. Julia Kippers

Iam a Trans and had electrolysis at home town spa and got the results I wanted and got treated the right way … and a great place. April 2016

thx Bruno– David Willburg

I my name is Debbie Walters i have millas on my face, i did not know what they were, but i  had them for years .And i keep picking at them but nothing would ever come out .Also lot’s of skin tags. In one session i was skin tag free and the millas were gone for good. Best part is my skin tags and millas will not come back .Procedure only took 15 min to do ” Thank so much  Hometown Laser Clinic ” sorry i cant remember the technicians name but he was great!!___D>W

I really have bad acne and scaring been to doctors and all they like to do is give you script’s that are bad for you. At hometown i was a little un sure at fist but  Bruno the skin guy did not rush me to laser treatments in fact he suggested to use this special collagen that they use for burn victims. It took 8 long weeks ,and in those 8 week we found what was causing my acne and buy using this gel in those 8 weeks ,my scares improve 70% i still cant believe it. I Now am going for laser treatment by Bruno go improve the other 30% left on my face . I will keep you informed on how the rest of the treatments work. Every morning when i get up and look in the mirror i used to look at my face and see the acne scares and acne ,now i do not .Its great starting a day in a great mood .Thx Bruno

Thank for removing my broken capillaries on my nose

feel much better about myself  .Staff is great and i have to say you know your stuff .Can’t believe it only took one session thx Bruno if i ever need anything else i will be back. – Jack Timble

Tamara’s services combine everything you could possibly want in all the great spa treatments into one fabulous session. Her facials always begin with a skincare analysis no matter how long you have been a client (great for those of us with ever changing skincare issues!), followed by the most amazing facial you will ever receive, finally ending with the most relaxing facial massage known to man. It sounds like I have set the bar high, but I know you will feel the same when she gets her hands on you! The best thing about her approach to skincare is her ability to combat any issues you may have from so many different angles, ultimately leading to beautiful skin from the inside out. Her ability to listen to your skincare concerns and making your cares melt away on her table, there is no doubt you will become a follower of her ultra luxurious, ultra exclusive facials!” Thanks Tamara, I look and feel younger already! –  GiGi  R

Rita at Hometown Laser  is the best of the best. Before I found her, I’d been getting  waxed.  I was wasting money and  time  but I hated  the hair growth. I looked  into getting Laser hair removal, but I was nervous about pain and where to go.  A friend of my mother’s referred me to Rita, and I am so, so grateful I found her.  She’s a professional, she’s highly skilled, she gets results, and you can absolutely trust her.  My underarms and bikini line are hair free now and I’ve started on my full legs.  I want my whole body to have laser done now.  I only wish I had found her sooner. Don’t waste your time and money anywhere else.  Thank you Rita, see you soon! – Kellin Q

Thank you Rita and Tamara for doing our Manicures and Pedicures for our Summer wedding.  You both treated us like royalty and since there were 5 of us, you had us all done in a timely fashion.  The nail designs were pretty cool and matched our toes beautifully.  We received a lot of compliments the day of the wedding and on my honeymoon too.  I couldn’t believe it when I asked if I could come in earlier than your opening time, and you both were able to accommodate us all.  Thanks again, and we’ll definitely be back! –  Ava M

Bruno and Staff,  Let me say that I was very impressed with your Spa.  Everyone is so friendly and full of smiles.  I had many services done that day and so needed a relaxing environment because of my job stress.  I especially loved the massages on my hands and feet during the manicure and pedicure.  My teeth are extra white and boy did my face feel extra smooth after that derm.  Can’t wait to pamper myself again! –  Dario L

Have bad acne scars and blotchy skin, do not have allot of money feb this year came to see Bruno and he suggested to go on laser with and collagen infusion after each treatment. At first thinking that this is another money grabbing scam .but i was wrong after 8 photo facials (skin rejuv)70% of my acne scares are gone and the skin looks great, if here wasn’t married he would be in trouble lol thx so much see ya next week for my teeth whitening. –  Diana T

Never had diamond Dermabrasion  before ,just got it done, totally hooked it feels great and for 45$ feels even better .Really nice place and the staff and Bruno the owner was knowledgeable and very friendly. He really knows his skin. Thank you so much – Julie, Rita & Tamara

 Hometown, thank you!! I came in July 20th 2013  for broken capillaries on my face and nose and they are completely gone and the redness is also gone. thx Bruno

I booked a 90 min deep cleansing facial at Hometown after a year of hell, no time to properly care for myself, and a TON of clogged pores. I never felt entirely clean after washing my face but after my facial i finally feel CLEAN.
the facial is quite nice, a multitude of masks, head/neck massage, warm steam and an extraction. it’s not too painful and my skin was only a little red with some tiny marks for a few days. i can literally see the difference in pore size and skin clarity after the facial! i can’t stress enough how much better i feel after the facial.
the spa itself is very relaxing. Quiet. spa music. i will be back – next time for their “specials” that are at a reduced price. Be aware that it can be difficult to book appointments and you may need to book at least a week in advance. (which is why i ended up with the 90 min facial instead of the special facial + massage combo i originally wanted)
nevertheless, my facial was completely worth it and i will be back real nice spa experience found in downtown.  Went with my mom; she was thrilled and i must say very professional and clean overall.

The staff was kind and warm and the place is right next to the Hair salon which makes for a better journey.
i would send my friends here with no hesitation. Of all the places I have gotten facials done at, and continue to try, in the city, Hometownlaserclinic & spa, is an amazing facialist and does a fantastic job. They use only use the best products that definitely have a lasting impact on my skin.
I’ve gotten the deep pore cleansing facial and signature by Clayton facial and both were really great. You come out of the deep pore cleansing facial as you would expect (with redness) but they really do a great job of extracting as much as they can without being to rough on your skin.
Seriously, amazing spa to get a facial. The staff are ridiculously polite and the facialists are so skilled you can’t walk out without anything BUT amazing skin. Been to many other spas but the service and the prices will keep me coming back, i love the place thx a ton.Julie .m and mom Barb m

“My skin tags are
gone and they have not returned “thanks Bruno r.p

“After reading all the reviews, I decided to try hometown laser & spa.
Juliana did my session and she did a great job.
I didn’t get any burns, and price was very, very reasonable.
I am going back for my second session soon and thinking of getting other areas done.”
Sandy L

“I love this place. First of all, the ambiance of the clinic is that of a classy spa center and its super pretty with all the newest amenities. Second, the customer service is just as amazing. I came here to get my upper lip and chin done (and you know how much upper lip and chin hair – no matter how fine – are a pain in the butt to manage if you’re a female) and I was a little scared because I really didn’t know what to expect. When I got in, I was greeted warmly and offered a beverage and then I had to fill out some paperwork. After, they gave me the rundown on what would happen and what to expect out of my first session and future sessions to come. She walked me through each session and was very friendly and really personable. No awkwardness at all and best of all, after my first session, I feel like I’ve become somewhat numb to the slight pain of the laser. I’ve done three sessions so far and my upper lip and chin have never looked better! I’m excited until everything is lasered away!”
Thanks Amera

“I’ve been referred to hometown by my longtime friend. Actually, she insisted that I get their laser treatment package for which I can’t thank her enough. Here is my review for 4 times I’ve visited the place:
1 – Results = A+
2 – Staff = A+
3 – Office ambiance = A
4 – Office location = A+
5 – Trail Mix = A+++
Love this place! Have been customer for years! Bruno and Staff are the absolute best!”  THANK YOU!

“Hi, my name is sahra and i’m an addict. More precisely, I’m addicted to laser hair removal at hometown spa. Since the first time i walked through their doors, i was hooked with service and fabulous results. Lets be real, i wanted to go to the beach and not feel the need to cover up my back and shoulders , which at the time resembled more those of wholly mammoth than an adult male. I embarked on some extensive research , comparing prices and the equipment that each clinic used to perform the services. I landed on hometown which incidentally offers some of the best on the market. I was explained all the procedures, possible side effects, expected results and how to properly take care of my skin. I bought a package of six for back and shoulders, which included extra three touch up treatments .at the time. I am extremely satisfied with this place, i really can’t put a price on this type of service, this people truly care about well being of their clients and it shows. If i could give this place 6 stars , I would.

I highly recommend this place to anyone that enjoys quality service.”
Jayli P

“I’d been wanting to do laser hair removal for years, so have done my share of research of places that offered it in the Windsor Area. When I came across hometown laser clinic, they were by far the least expensive laser clinic I’d found, and had so many raving reviews, I figured I’d give ’em a shot.

I’m so glad I did. The staff is so professional, friendly, and quick! I’m always amazed at how fast they are. While laser hair removal certainly does not feel good, it’s no worse than waxing. And the ladies here make it as painless as possible for you, always providing some distracting conversation through the entire process. No Hack shop here thx again Sabrina”

“They offer free consultations if you want to chat with them prior to making a hair-removal appointment. And if you decide to go ahead with a session, they will offer you some wine while you wait – something I highly recommend accepting, as the mild buzz will definitely help with the pain!

I’ve been SO happy with the results. After using all of the sessions from the packages I initially purchased, I already went ahead and bought more for other areas.”

“When i first came here i didn’t know anything about laser hair removal. We talked and i realized that i am in “good hands”.
I suggest every lady to come to visit clinic and you will get the best service and prices.They are great – reasonable prices and they are super quick!! Which is what you want when being stung by a laser!! I have had my underarms done before at another place but I need a few more visits to be 100% hair free – I purchased the underarm, Brazilian package – I was scared to expose my lady bits to the light rays of the laser, but thank goodness for the numbing cream – it was no worse than waxing and much faster!! I am looking forward to being hair free before summertime!!”

“A friend asked how the removal was going, so I dug out the before picture you gave me and took a current picture to compare. It’s amazing when you compare the two. I could still use a couple of sessions though but thought this is major progress and wanted to send them to you. You guys do fantastic work and are so friendly and professional. I’ve referred three people to your office and have raved to dozens more about your fantastic work. I hope to be able to come in for another session soon but for now here are the pictures.”
Christy W

“I wanted to thank you all so much for your outstanding service. You made me feel at home and as part of the family. I was handled with superior care from the technician at hometown. What a tight ship you run. The technician was amazing. I am so glad that I chose your clinic and I know that I will be thrilled with the outcome of my treatment. . Thank you once again.

Super-duper place. Thank you ”
– p.m


“Okay, well I’m very insecure about the hair on my upper lip you see, it’s dark brown (like my hair) and I really just want it gone. I’m only 18 and age, . I really hate it; i sometimes get made fun of about it too. When I went to hometown laser clinic I was a little sceptical because it was in side a skate shop but when I meet the technician and seen the treatment room, I felt confident.

My hometown laser clinic experience was awesome it was $35 a treatment and $150 under there performance package. Hometown Laser Clinic thanks so much for my removal.”


“I love my treatments ❤ I signed up for a hair removal package back in dec of ’09 I have had 4 treatments so far and rarely have to shave. I was very hairy to start with so I was told it will take more than the 6 tx I bought and thats when my guarantee starts. I have friends that have bought at other places where you have to keep paying and keep paying for extra treatments. I know I should be hair free in 6 tx but I’m almost half way done with 4 treatments. The technicians are very friendly. They make you feel at home.”
T Mera