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For a limited time you get all 3 facials all for $99.00

Step One: Full Diamond Dermabrasion (we clean the skin like it has never been cleaned before, it also removes 2 layers of skin


Pick one area crow’s feet ,eye baggage ,upper lip ,stomach were ever there are wrinkles l See the RF (Radio Frequency ) how it tightens the skin. Totally safe.

STEP THREE: OXYGEN INFUSING FACIAL (Everyone’s favorite infusing vitamins back into skin *.Vitamin C ,Collagen, Rose Water

The first reaction to the skin is a visual tightening producing a smooth firmness which minimizes the telltale signs of aged skin, including wrinkles, stress lines and sagging skin. The RF technology is both a relaxing and discomfort free procedure and results are intensified after a series of 12 or more treatments. Maintenance follow ups are suggested to maintain permanent desired results.

A light soft pleasant procedure, involves a gentle rubbing of affected skin with a warm RF wand. Immediately subsequent to your first treatment, you will be aware of the positive changes to your skin. * Tighter lifted skin *reduction of wrinkles * glowing and younger looking skin Can be used regardless of skin conditions.dov3

THERMAL RF is approved by Health Care Professionals as a successful, surgical free procedure most comparable to today’s Facelift Technology


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Laser Photo Rejuvenation Facials $115

 Photo facials is right for you if…

You suffer from brown spots, rosacea, redness and flushing

Your skin seems to be aging earlier than normal

You want to restore volume of your facial skin, lifting it up

You don’t want to take the time off to heal from laser resurfacing or chemical peels

Photo facial is non-invasive, involves no downtime, and can bring immediate results!

Express Facial Just for MEN & Women $59

Need a break from a busy schedule or a moment diamond_dermabrasion1to unwind…

Express 30 min professional facial specifically developed to purify, soften and hydrate masculine skin. A concentrate of detoxifying and soothing active ingredients with immediate action. It purifies the skin exposed to stress and pollution, diminishes redness or sensations of discomfort and giving back the skins maximum hydration.

Clear Up Laser Acne Management Facial

Face Laser Clear Up! $59

Back Acne Treatment $69

Photo Facials

Excellent Clear up Management for Teens and Adults with Acne, Acne management professional treatment combining the efficacy of topical medication with exceptional cosmetic qualities specifically created for the treatment of acne and oily skin.

  • Facilitates extraction of comedones
  • controls bacterial proliferation
  • controls inflammation and redness
  • purifies, soothes and hydrates the epidermis
  • fights the formation of comedones (blackheads) or closed comedones (whiteheads) and acne pimples


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