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Acne Treatments

Acne is the most common skin disease. Mostly it begins with the adolescence and generally it heals with its end. Sometimes the disease might last even longer. The acne is characterized by inflammatory nodules, pustules (pus nodules) and comedones (blackheads).
At severe, untreated progressions, also scars can occur. Thus it is very important to therapy the acne in time.
The progression of the acne is depending on different factors. Among them are besides hormonal dysregulations also external influences like stress, wrong nutrition or a wrong skin care.
There are various forms of appearance for acne. Every form of acne demands an individual therapy, which often stretches for a longer period of time.
How can the acne be treated?

How the acne treatment works?
For the treatment of acne various forms of external or also internal therapies come into consideration, which can be confined by your doctor. To optimize the treatment outcome, they can specifically be combined with different medical cosmetic treatments, like the deep cleansing, a blue-light IPL therapy or special peelings and supported by an ideal skin care. The treatment concept, which suits you best, will be individually planed in collaboration with your doctor.
Which other forms of treatment can be used?
Supportingly, a blue-light therapy or IPL laser. We set a great value upon the care consultation, because certain ingredients of care products benefit the acne.
Can my nourishment have an effect on the acne?

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