Breast & Buttocks Firming



Firming up the breast and buttocks is a common goal for anyone interested in improving their physical appearance. Our lasers are designed to stimulate and strengthen the muscles with proven results and little discomfort. If you’ve decided that wrinkles are becoming a troublesome result of aging, but you’re not willing to undergo invasive plastic surgery, maybe a skin firming procedure could be for you.

The skin that covers your body is made up of two layers: the epidermal is the visible outer layer, and the dermal is the deeper layer. A protein called collagen makes up the majority of the dermis, providing the skin with its strength. As we become older, the body produces less collagen and the skin becomes less elastic, resulting in wrinkles. The laser skin tightening firming procedure tightens the collagen in the dermal layers of the skin and its underlying tissue, thus reducing loose skin and wrinkles and rejuvenating facial contours.

The laser skin tightening firming procedure uses radiofrequency technology to create a specifically controlled area. This heats the dermal and the underlying tissue, while at the same time continual cooling protects the epidermal layer. A natural biological reaction that results in the collagen contracting and thickening is caused by heating the collagen to critical temperatures. This process of denaturizing provides the desired result of tighter, smoother looking skin through the laser skin tightening process.

The laser skin tightening firming process also causes the body to initiate a second response from the heating within the dermal layer and underlying tissue. The body’s reaction is a natural wound-healing response, initiating new collagen creation and providing long-term tightening of the skin. The laser skin tightening and firming creates these two processes providing immediate skin tightening and long-term tightening effects.