Broken Capillaries (New Thermology)

New-ADVANCED THERMOLOGY at Hometown Laser Clinic & Spainsertpic_62a8Untitledjhuu


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Thermology Treatment of superficial skin conditions, using a small sterile needle which is used to remove the blemish by cauterizing the spot/vein. Advanced Thermology Is a safe and effective method using a gentle diathermy current to remove red thread veins and skin tags on the face, legs and neck with minimum discomfort with no adverse effects to the skin.

Conditions Treated:

  • Red Vein and Thread Vein treatment
  • Spider Naevi
  • Red Blood Spots (Campbell de Morgan spots)
  • Skin Tags (Pendunculated Papillomas)
  • Milia (White Heads)
  • Moles (Pre-pubescent Lesions – Drs permission required)

Why not have the perfect skin.

A consultation is necessary for both these treatments and is free of charge. Treatment  can be done after consultation .


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Great for chins, lips, face, eyebrows Ect.

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Consultation are – Free 15 minutes 

With one touch of the probe /Broken Capillaries  and ruby points gone for good.

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